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Spectra Breast Pump Membranes

This product is a quality built for customer satisfaction, this is a sensational backflow protectant that is furthermore a must have for any pumps kassie and ozzie. This product is produced of silicone and presents a design to keep the backflow protectant in place and keep the pump tubes clean, it is conjointly attached with of silicone adhesive which makes it effortless to attach and remove.

S Clear
Replacement Backflow Protector

Spectra Breast Pump Membranes Amazon

The nenesupply silicone backflow protector Membranes compatible with Spectra is for protection and presentation, it is used to protect machines from backflow, which can lead to alls in the plant. This backflow protector is produced of high quality and is meant to protect machines against backflow, this item is a Spectra breast pump membranes. It is manufactured of durable and sturdy materials, and it can protect your breasts, it is first-rate for use in areas of high moisture content, or for cleaning the nipples and the Spectra breast pump Membranes are made of water-based membrane technology that allows the pump to release its nutrients and fluids without need for washing or activity. The Spectra membrane sets are designed to make filling and the pump easier for everyone in your life, the backflow protector is a clear, plastic-like material that goes over the pump's walls and helps clean and disinfect the pump fluids. The protector helps keep the pump walls clean, order and compatible for future use.