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Motif Breast Pump

Looking for a comfortable and efficient surrogate to push milk through your breast milk pipelines? Try the breasts pump with hermetically sealed tubing and effectively self-adjusting head strap! This pump is top for lovers who are wanting for an one-size-fits-all option, and doesn't want to worry about getting your hand through all that wire, the pump is additionally compatible with the luna line of breast milk promise machines, so you can always ensure that your milk is getting to your users through the best surrogate possible.

Parts Kit Size 21mm, Double Pumping Kit Spectra2 Comp

NEW Luna Motif Breast Pump

By Motif Luna


Luna Breast Pump

The luna is a double electric breast pump that is designed to help you contraception and care for your breasts, the pump offers two electric brushes that move back and for th between your breasts to keep your breasts clean and free of bacteria. The pump also features a beep system to indicate that it is complete, this Motif is inspired by the breast pump design family. There are many different versions of brand new Motif twist double electric breast pump is with different colours and designs, this Motif is simple but beautiful and top for a health-related activity or use as a decoration. To use a Motif luna breast pump, you will need to connect it to your computer with a computer networking card and a com connection, once it is connected, the Motif luna pump will be on top of your body and will be capable of through her electric pump. She will also start to pump in case that able to take a break, like when you take a sip of water or on the that taking a long drink of water, Motif luna is known as the go-to pump for lovers who desiderate quality and reliability in their breast pumps. The Motif breast pump is a double electric breast pump that is exquisite for folks with breasts that get a little ways up, this pump is lightweight and straightforward to use, making it a splendid way for people with limited space or effortless access to a pump.