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Lansinoh Breast Pump Flanges

Looking for a comfortable and affordable manual breast pump? Look no more than the flanges! These are bpa free and come in sizes 2 and 4, they work with most pump handles, and offer a cool-touch function for even more comfort. Plus, the Flanges add a touch of pattern to your sell.

Best Lansinoh Breast Pump Flanges

The 50520 manual breast pump 2 flange sizes new and still sealed bpa free Flanges are top-of-the-line for use with manual breasts, they are made of durable plastic and have a comfortable fit, making them ideal for use. The Flanges are also removable for effortless cleaning, this is a top-of-the-heap deal on a new manual breast pump! Get them here! These soft flexible Flanges help keep your breasts in good shape and comfortable. They are 2 in 1 - they can be used as a handle to carry your pump around and also used as a bandage to cover up a wound, this is a fantastic pump for women who are digging for a comfortable and splendid suction on their breasts. The Flanges are two inches in diameter and are designed to suit a first-class size in the suction port, the pump presents a soft-corded design that makes it uncomplicated to get down on your side and up again. This pump comes with unequaled size Flanges for both men and women, this nenesupply compatible breastshield flange for breastpump is enticing for people with products that can't be mixed with the breastshield. This flange presents a sturdy design that will never lose its place and is moreover comfortable to use.