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Hygeia Breast Pump Parts

The peerless accessory for your breast pump! These Parts are expectancy-proof and are made of durable plastic, they're basic to order and add an extra capacity to your machine.

Hygeia Breast Pump Flanges

This car adapter for breast pump part no, 0005 1 ea is for use with the breast pump, and allows for facile connection to a compatible pump. The flanges are made of sturdy rubber, and are designed to provide good flexibility and durability when connecting other pumps in your home, additionally, the cheapo-looking black design always worth considering, as it's well-made and looks sturdy. Overall, duckbill valves 4 is a decent pump arrived quickly and as described, the 12 v portable breast pump batterycharger for s1 s2 is top-of-the-heap for use a portable breast pump without having to leave your home. This charger will charge your pump with just a few minutes of use, so you can enjoy your medication while on the go, the 12 v portable breast pump battery charger for s1 s2 is conjointly compatible with the 12 v portable breast pump battery. The bacteriostatic filter is a filter that helps keep your milk warm and safe for sharing with your baby, this filter is conjointly used to. Separate the oxygen from the milk, the nuk simply natural pump connection kit is a top-grade alternative to protect your mammary glands and keep your breastmilk clean and healthy. This kit includes the following items: 1, nuk simply natural pump 2. Tubing 3, medela new sealed 4. Sealed milk 5, vector the nuk simply natural pump connection kit is a first rate surrogate to keep your mammary glands clean and healthy.